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What is Home Care?

Home Health Care is a wide range of medical and non-medical health care services clients can receive in their homes.  Ultimately, home care aims to keep the client safe and independent in their own homes. Home care reduces hospitalizations and helps people stay out of long-term facilities. Home is the safest and best place to be as you age and/or heal!

There are many types of home care services you can receive. SummitWest Care offers medical and non-medical services to people of all ages. 

Medical Services

Payers: Medicare, Private Insurance, Private Pay

Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Medical Social Workers, CNA’s and CNA parents

Medical services are provided to clients who are homebound, just hospitalized, getting discharged from a SNF (skilled nursing facility), have a new diagnosis or worsening condition, etc. The need for home care is determined by a physician. We help with wound care, medication management, IV therapy, chronic disease management, diabetes, tube feedings, lymphedema and more!

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring is available for clients who need extra monitoring at home. Our state-of-the-art equipment is placed in the client’s home. Our clinicians receive real-time results of our client’s vitals. If an emergency arises, our team is able to intervene quickly and efficiently. All results are communicated with the client’s primary care physician.

How to receive medical services: 

  1. Have a primary care physician who will follow care and sign orders
  2. The physician will determine a need for home care and send SWC a referral
  3. Once accepted, SWC will assign a clinician to open care within 24-48 hours of discharge
  4.  Services will be provided in the client’s home, under Physician orders.
  5.  The length of services depends on the client’s needs. The average length of services varies, but the average is 30-90 days.

Non-Medical Services | In-Home Support Services

Payers: Medicaid, Private Pay

Family Caregiving, Person Homemaking, In-Home Support Services 

Non-Medical Services are designed to help people with daily living tasks such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, prescription pick-up, medication reminders, transfer assists, laundry, and more. Family members (and friends) can get paid to care for their loved ones.

How to receive non-medical services: 

  1. *Medicaid clients* – Must have a case manager who sends SWC the referral.
  2. If the referral is accepted, an SWC team member will do a home visit to meet the client and create a care plan.
  3. A caregiver will go to the client’s home and perform the tasks that are on the careplan. If a caregiver is going to be a friend or family member, then first, they will be employed by SWC.
  4. Caregivers cannot do additional tasks that are not on the careplan (examples include, deep cleaning, running errands, caregiving for other people in the home, etc.)
  5. Non-medical services are considered long-term and last on average months to years.
  6. *Private pay clients* – Contact SWC to discuss needs and SWC availability
  7. Family/friends of the private pay client can be employed by SWC to care for their loved one.
  8.  If the referral is accepted, an SWC team member will do a home visit to meet the client and create a care plan.
  9. Care will begin

Additional programs:

Swallowing Program

Speech Therapy

Chronic Care Management

Newborn and Pediatric Care

Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema

CNA Parent Program

Personal Safety Alerts and Devices


If you have any questions on how to receive home care services, please call our office at 970-263-0202, or email us at