Make a Difference

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the care and services provided by the SummitWest Care team. As a non-profit, serving the Western Slope of Colorado, we make it our priority to provide compassionate, experienced homecare to all those in need. Our clients consist of all ages, from newborn to elderly and seek help for a wide-range of in-home care needs. Your donation will help families provide quality care for their loved ones in the comfort of their own home.

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Your Donation Changes Lives

Freedom, Comfort, Dignity

Homecare services not only reduce the cost of medical care, they provide recipients with a sense of freedom and control that they cannot get while recovering in a hospital environment. The care that our team provides allows our patients to continue their day-to-day lives, within the comfort and dignity of their own home.

Providing Opportunities

Services from SummitWest Care are not always covered by insurance. Many people seek out homecare services and do not qualify for the level of care they need. In addition, programs such as our Newborn and Pediatric Care service are often in high-demand, as we are the only provider on the Western Slope. Your donation to SummitWest Care helps to ensure that people of all ages who require medical assistance in-home have the opportunity to receive the help that they need.

Thank you for your support!