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SWC’s Open House

SummitWest Care hosted an Open House to celebrate the new name and location of our agency. Community members, partners, friends and family all came and enjoyed delicious food and tours of our new building. It was a successful night and we are proud to share our story with others!

From the CEO, Charleen Raaum:

I want to thank all of you who are here today and those who could not attend to recognize the grand opening of our new office for SummitWest Care. A special thank you to Mike Antonucci and Dan Thurlow for being so easy to work with and to CPC Neutek employees who help in supporting our vision. Keystone Construction and Jarred Eddy were vital in implementing our vision of an office that is both inviting and functional. I think we can all recognize the wonderful workmanship that Keystone provided for our space.

¬†SummitWest Care is built on the foundation of Home Care of the Grand Valley. I want to recognize the founders of our organization. In 2002, community leaders recognized the need for people to have medical and personal care in their homes. These founders invested in an organization that has been vital in our community to realize compassionate healing at home is the best way to assure quality outcomes and healing for our clients. Hilltop-Sally Schafer, St. Mary’s hospital, Mesa County Department of Human Services and Rocky Mountain Health plans saw a need for people to have medical and personal care in their homes and Home Care of the Grand Valley was born. In addition, I would like to give a very special thanks to Sue Brown.

Now SummitWest Care is expanding on that work in other counties and providing additional services to meet the needs for quality home care.

The nation looks to Mesa County for innovative, efficient and compassionate delivery of health care that is cost effective with qualitative measurable outcomes. The fact that Greg Schafer and Dale Reece were willing to tell their experiences speaks volumes and I thank them and their families for relating their experiences to our community, along with our other awesome clients who have given their heartfelt testimonials.

Finally, I thank the incredible group of professionals of SummitWest Care for the dedicated work they provide to our clients. I am inspired daily y their commitment and reflection of our culture. I am proud and humbled to be the leader of this organization into the future. Together, with our Board of Directors, we will continue to innovate and provide compassionate care to our communities which we are privileged to serve.

I would like to recognize our Board of Directors for recognizing and investing in the people of this organization in supporting our mission that People Matter, We Care.



If you are interested in employment or our services, please call our office at 970-263-0202.